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Social Media Boom

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Digital, Social Media, Trends, Uncategorized

What a year we’re having in the world of social media, after reaching 500 million users in July last year Facebook now has over 750 million active users (1 in 13 people on earth!), its own currency (Facebook credits) , website content available in over 70 languages and an Academy Award nominated film about the creation which to date has grossed $224,920,315.  Not bad for a 27 year old computer programmer from New York!

Twitter is also hot on the heels with over 175 million users and a recent record breaking twitter  flurry which saw 8,868 tweets sent per second, after Beyoncé Knowles showed off her bump during a performance at the MTV Music Video Awards.

So this week I thought we’d look at the demographics of Facebook and Twitter and a few interesting facts.

To give you a bit of an idea of the scale of social media check out this short video

The graphs below give some insight into Facebook and Twitter users, showing that nearly half of all Facebook users login everyday whereas just over a quarter login to Twitter on a daily basis.

It’s also interesting to note that 67% of people on Twitter follow a brand (that they will purchase) in comparison to only 51% on Facebook, yet on Facebook 40% of all people follow a brand in comparison to Twitter’s 25%.

To wow you even more this Friday, we’ve pulled together some interesting Facebook facts and figures for you to mull over:

•The average user has 130 friends.

•People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

•There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages).

•About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States.

•People on Facebook install 20 million applications every day.

•There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices, and people that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.

28% of people check Facebook on their Smartphone’s before getting out of bed.

•The 35+ demographic now represents more than the entire database.

•The 18-24 demographic grew the fastest (74%) in one year.

Liking ‘Drugs’ is up 1131% this year.

•Facebook was the most searched term for the second year running, accounting for 2.11% of searches in the USA.

57% of users talk to people more online than they do in real life.

48% of young Americans said they find out about news through Facebook.

•A record breaking 750 million photos were uploaded onto Facebook over New Year’s weekend.

In 20 minutes on Facebook:

Some pretty staggering facts I’m sure you’ll agree!

Happy Friday!


Crowd sourcing

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Advertising, Social Media, Uncategorized

Friday Email

This week we’re going to look at how brands are using crowd sourcing to collate content to use in campaigns. This idea of using alternative methods such as their consumers helps to bring fresh content to consumers in a new way. And allows them to engage with the brand.

The Vaccines Music Video

The British band The Vaccines are using this technique to create a music video for their upcoming single ‘Wetsuit’. They’re doing this by using photos shot by fans using Instagram. A platform which allows people to share photos.

The concept is simple. By asking fans to tag their photos of music festivals with #vaccinesvideo, the band is able to collect shots to make an animated video. In an effort to capture the perfect summer music experience, they are looking for photos of bands, tents, fields, mud, thrills, spills; pretty much anything that gets across what it feels like to be knee deep in a summer festival.

Just image if you found yourself in a music video….

Crash the super bowl

As we know the Superbowl  gathers huge hype in America with over 160 million people watched the Superbowl last year. This means that the commercials are invaluable to brands.

Utlising this fact Pepsico plan to show six user generated commercials.  The challenge was for the public to choose which brand they wanted to make a commercial for Doritos or Pepsi Max and create a action packed funny commercial , If you commercial is voted in the top 6 you’re commercial will get played: infront of 160 million people! A great use of crowdsourcing and gaining even more recognition, allowing the public to have some control over the advertising space

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination” campaign drew upon its Facebook fans’ participation to inspire the visuals of the campaign. Users were invited to share their creations and artwork to be used in a 3D projection show which was unveiled on the 8th June at London’s Battersea Power Station.

Imogen Heap Album Campaign

For her latest album Imogen Heap is pulling on the resources of her loyal fans, and anyone else that fancies claiming their moment of glory within the music world, by creating a dedicated microsite which cleverly uses hashtags to collate all the ideas. Each day, fans are tasked with a different challenge e.g. Day 1: upload a sound clip, Day 2: Send in buzz words, Day 3: Send in photographs to be used on the album cover, Day 4: Upload videos for the music video, and so on. Imogen then uses all these ideas to create each song on her album. A great way to avoid doing all the work yourself!

Here’s a link to the microsite which will be starting work on Heapsong3 on 19th September so check back in then if you fancy joining in.

Pril – German washing up liquid

And finally, to show how crowdsouring doesn’t always bring the best out of brands, here’s an example from Pril, the German washing up liquid brand owned by Henkel. Henkel launched an online campaign allowing users to design their own ‘individual’ bottle using a tool set with mostly predefined graphics to stamp on the virtual label. The two designs with the most votes would then hit the shelves in October.  However, one customer that found the idea of predefined shapes boring decided to pick the freehand pen from the creative tools and came up with the design below (it reads ‘Chicken flavoured Pril’). He then asked his followers on Twitter to vote for it, sending it shooting into the top 10 designs and sparking a whole raft of other spoof designs.

Happy Friday everyone!

This week we’re going to look at digital consumer engagement and how brands are engaging more and more with the consumer using Facebook connect.

With social media strategies becoming more complex we are seeing more and more customised videos which you can share with your friends and personalised apps using  Facebook connect functionality. There are queries about Facebook privacy but seeing yourself and your friends feature in ads is always appealing

Trip your face experience from

This new campaign from is really fun and quirky. They’ve created this rich customisable content experience called ‘Trip Your Face‘. Using the Elf yourself concept they’ve created 3 of ‘The Hangover’ type scenario where you wake up in hotel room in either New York, Las Vegas or Paris and have to play a video to see what you got up to last night.

Mini Maps

Mini France has just launched a Social / Google Maps mash-up advergame called ‘Mini Maps‘. It’s a Facebook app that lets you customise a virtual MINI and then challenge Facebook friends to time trials around the world through a Google Maps mash-up, which basically has you racing your friends over satellite images of your favourite locations.

Nike and Graffiti challenge

This is a really nice campaign Nike Amsterdam created, to help youngsters get back into running. They launched the Nike+ mobile app in conjunction with a very cool Facebook app. But they also wanted people to connect offline and created the Nike run club and carried out Guerrilla and experiential marketing.

After identifying that youngsters think running is boring, Nike set out to make it a little more fun and socially rewarding. So they created a campaign called Nike Take Mokum, a social challenge that lets runners draw creative running routes over satellite maps through a Facebook app, before sending out challenges to friends to help complete them in the real world, through the Nike+ running app.

True Blood immortalise yourself

HBO have launched their latest digital campaign for season 4 of True Blood, creating a Facebook app called “Immortalize Yourself” that plays out a unique, customised video featuring you and your friends… You can choose who features in it, or let it pick randomly from your profile…

Although the Facebook connect functionality used here isn’t new it’s pretty well executed in this app.

Desperado Youtube take over

This final one I’ve included as I thought it was one of the best Youtube takeovers I’ve seen in a while, but also because fitting with the theme of this weeks post, integrates Facebook connect functionality as part of the experience.

The Youtube takeover for beer brand Desperados is different to most. It allows you to interact with the story with the slider but also socialises the whole of the expereince as brings your Facebook friends into the party by pulling photos in

Experience the take over

Happy Friday!



 It would have been hard to escape the big news story this week! From the cover of the Economist and the US stock market to the front page of the Metro and your facebook wall. But I think it is interesting how our reactions to the death of Osama bin Laden and our need to express our feelings and the search for information can be tracked in a way that would not have been possible two years ago. 
 Tracking the death of Bin Laden through twitter
 His death and the announcements afterwards are reflected in increases in twitter activity and at 12,4 million an hour, that’s a record number of tweets! This graph shows how they increased/decreased through the night and during President Obama’s speech. Follow the link for a better view of the graph below.
Google maps shows where Osama Bin Laden died
 It is unlikely this is the exact location where Bin Laden was found but it does tell us a lot about where he was hiding out. He was in a beautiful, urban area which was something of a tourist destination. Many are posting ‘reviews’ on the Place page expressing their emotions at his death.  
Osama is dead facebook page
This went live years before the announcement of Osama’s death in order to advocate the theory that he had in fact died ages ago. However within two hours of the report, this page had 150,000 likes and thousands of pictures and comments. It is rather un PC but serves as a real time discussion board so here is the link FYI.  
Spike in internet traffic
Users flocked to news sites for the latest information on Osama’s death causing a spike in internet traffic.  According to ‘Akamai’s Net Usage Index’ there was a 28% increase in traffic in North America and a 24% increase in global web traffic.  Akamai only measures news sites so overall traffic would be a lot higher as social media sites also saw huge surges in activity when news broke. Twitter reported 4,000 tweets per second around the time of Obama’s speech and according to ‘Mashable’, 50% of their readers heard about the event via social media.
Foursquare users check into post-Osama world

A quick search on Foursquare in New York for “Osama” reveals such checkin locations as “Osama bin gonathon” and “Osamapacolypse 2011.” The gesture recalls, on a much larger scale, how users began checking in to a major New York City snow storm in 2010 with made-up venues such as Snowpocalypse 2010.

 Social Media timeline of Osama’s death
This is quite interesting to see, it tracks the social media comments from Athar who first heard helicopters hovering ahead and unknowingly reported the raid in real time, to confirmation by Donald Rumsfield’s chief of staff. Follow the link below to see view it.
Happy Friday


For this Friday email, I am looking at some interesting things around mobile phones.

Mobile phone useage
This is a site showing over 43 different countries at different times of day. TNS have done a great job making this fun to use and really interesting, particularly if you want to compare useage across two different countries. You can see how culture/lifestyle affects what we use phones for and when we do it.

3D modelling on your phone
With just a few snaps of your phone camera, you can create a 3D model using this app developed my microsoft.


Unbottle yourself with Carlsberg
Carlsberg attempts to unbottle an entire ration – only problem is – it’s Sweden. They are asking people to compete with each other using their app to become Sweden’s most ‘unbottled’ by performing challenges, filming them and uploading onto the site below. Have a look at the link  to see some of the missions people have already done.


Location based social networking photo app
The app creates social photo albums based around locations, from you, your friends and every other stranger within 150 feet, allowing you to experience a location or say, an event, from other perspectives in real time. It also allows you to comment and interact with the other people taking photos

Mobile tagging and how it can be useful                                                                                                                   Mobile tagging is not new, we’ve seen a lot of advertising/content uses for it, but here are some ways to really make constructive use of the tool. How about tagging a product with instructions on how to assemple it if it’s an IKEA pack. Or, if it’s food, include a recipe and a video on how to make something.                                       

Aston Martin’s Glass Phone
I think this is beautiful, a lovely extension of their brand and they manage to relate it back to the car by using it to unlock the door or measure your movement during an accident to improve safety measures.
Happy Friday

Hi Everyone

It’s Friday again and this week I have some iPad, iPod, augmented reality and app ideas to share with you.

iPad vs Kindle vs e-readers

This is an interesting article, with some insightful graphs,  talking about how people use, purchase and enjoy content on iPads, Kindles and e-readers. With the launch of the iPad 2 I thought this was well worth the read.

iPad Apps for restaurants

I have seen a few iPads being used in-store and found it particularly useful when I was in an ‘All Saints’ store and could browse their selection on the iPad without having to dig through the rails. But here is an interesting idea for restaurants. Chicago Cut are using an iPad to give people in-depth information on the wine list and what you may want to eat with it. I think they could do a lot more with the visuals on the app as watching a guy talking is a little dull, but the idea appeals to the geek in me.

Ralph Lauren iPad app
The app allows users to interact with world-class athletes on screen by tilting, rotating, flipping and tapping the iPad to manipulate different movements, environments and colours. It showcases the different items from the new RLX line and seems appropriate as the collection was created to answer the demand for high-performance outfitting.
Speed date with SLK
Mercedes US have launched an interactive campaign utilising social media, you choose your own adventure type of interactive movie, where you are treated to a test drive by a fictitious Californian called Ksenia Lauren. Throughout the test drive, the story unfolds differently depending on the choices you make after being prompted at various points. You are also offered a chance to become her Facebook friend, you will then be updated as the campaign unfolds.
Fallen angels from Axe
I saw the iPhone app for the Axe angel campaign but didn’t think it was very engaging. However, follow the link below to see what they did at Victoria station which is much better.
iPhone app if you haven’t seen it –

Nissan iAd

Love this iAd for the Nissan Juke! It’s a great demo as well, which is fun to watch even on its own. The iAd is informative but interactive as you choose your own adventure style experience while entering the “Mission: Donuts” challenge to win a Nissan Juke.

Augmented reality Ford installations in shopping malls
Interactive but also educational
Amazon launches a new campaign against the iPad
This is quite an American ad but it’s interesting to see the aggressive new campaign from Kindle. They are directly targeting iPad saying that you can’t read them in direct sunlight.

VW virtual test drive

VW have introduced a new iPhone app that aims to demonstrate to prospective customers some of the company’s newer technologies. To use the app, you hold the iPhone above a VW ad in a magazine or newspaper with a road printed on it. Following the curve of the road with the phone shows how some of the car’s safety features respond to real-world driving conditions. The app allows users to switch between modes. For example, in the Adaptive Lights mode, the headlights on your virtual VW will follow the curve of the road. In Lane Assist mode, the phone vibrates when your car gets too close to the edge of the virtual road. There’s also an Adaptive Cruise Control mode, which puts a second virtual car in front of your VW and keeps them an equal distance apart as you move across the page.

Happy ‘Red Nose Day’.


Hi All

With the recent DMA awards, I  have decided to look at DM this week, but have thrown in some crazy/impossible ideas in there for fun!

Flipbook parkour

Taking something cool and making it even cooler!


Remember the unboxing trend, where people were posting videos of unboxing their new purchases online. Well here is as ad which someone did playing on the trend.

DMA Award

Here is the DMA Grand Prix winner. It was a DM pack with 3D glasses which were then to be used to watch the English rugby team playing in Twickenham, live in various cinemas as part of a campaign for O2.


Here are some other interesting examples

Below is for a credit card councelling society.

The coffee calendar below was a mailing with a white box and a seemingly blank calendar. The content becomes visible only after coffee powder is spread over the pages and sticks to the glue-print. Visuals and copy appear – coffee secrets: strange facts, usages and effects.

Here is a DM pack sent out as part of a BMW M3 campaign entitled ‘What metal dreams of becoming’. It contained test tubes with lead filings, shake the filings over the silver square in the centre of the box and they will be pulled into a ‘M3’ by the hidden magnet.

Two Annesty International direct mail examples to raise money.

This cardtalk actually works, it plays a speaking voice but no music. Could be a fun idea for something.

This is ancient but I still like it! Haagen-Dazs created flavoured stamps which allow you to taste their new flavours.


Have a lovely weekend,



P.S. Following up on my last post about foursquare

Starbucks give away 500 $40 gift cards, at random, to customers who checked-in on Foursquare yesterday for their 40th anniversary.