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This week the topic of choice is RFID.

So what exactly is it?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification which in layman’s terms refers to a small electronic device that consists of a small chip and an antenna. It essentially works the same as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card, providing a unique identifier for that object which has to be scanned in order to retrieve the information.

Oyster Card

The first example of RFID I have to show you involves something that most of us carry around in our pocket everyday – the ever handy Oyster card! The Chromaroma app allows users to enter a game whenever they check in on the London transport system – tracking the number of swipes, places, modes of transport and even the number of passengers passed.

Coca Cola

RFID can also be used to generate social media buzz around an event. Young teenagers attending the Coca Cola Village in Israel last summer were given RFID brackets enabling them to digitally like the facilities they were using. Perhaps even more impressive, if they were snapped by a photographer during the day, the photo would automatically tag them and post the photo on their wall.


Renault has also tried to engage consumers by allowing them to share their offline experience with their online friends at an automotive exhibition in the Netherlands.

Information display

Now for a slightly more ingenious use of RFID. By simply placing the RFID enabled object into a small ring of light, the object automatically displays information relating to that object. One of the examples shows a set of household keys which magically displays an overview of the home from the amount of water used, to the weather and everyday tasks that need to be completed that day.


Apple has also secured their piece of the RFID action by obtaining a patent for a RFID tag reader for their screens.


And finally, probably one of the most unlikely places you’d expect to find an RFID tag…

Happy Thursday and enjoy the Royal Wedding!


Hi Everyone

The theme for this week is playing with ‘light and screens’.

Lexus projection mapping

I have been inspired by a lot of projection mapping this week and this is a car example that was money well spent


Adidas projection mapping
This is an amazing example by Adidas, they have really brought the brand into the show as opposed to just showing off ‘cool’ techniques.
Hot wheels 3D in Sydney
Another digital mapping example. Australia is apparently the lead when it comes to this and you can see why here…
3D iAd
Making your iPhone 3D, this is such a simple device, think it’s really clever!
TV ad targeting

Click below to read the article on Media Week.

Facial recognition for the iPad

Here is a ‘Magic Mirror’ augmented reality app. A fun idea but it could also be harnessed by brands for targeting female/male audiences, remembering users and delivering personalised content etc.

Tweet mirror in a clothes store

This is really useful, sent photos of yourself in different outfits to your friends to help you decide which clothes to buy

Happy Friday


Hi Everyone

It’s Friday again and this week I have some iPad, iPod, augmented reality and app ideas to share with you.

iPad vs Kindle vs e-readers

This is an interesting article, with some insightful graphs,  talking about how people use, purchase and enjoy content on iPads, Kindles and e-readers. With the launch of the iPad 2 I thought this was well worth the read.

iPad Apps for restaurants

I have seen a few iPads being used in-store and found it particularly useful when I was in an ‘All Saints’ store and could browse their selection on the iPad without having to dig through the rails. But here is an interesting idea for restaurants. Chicago Cut are using an iPad to give people in-depth information on the wine list and what you may want to eat with it. I think they could do a lot more with the visuals on the app as watching a guy talking is a little dull, but the idea appeals to the geek in me.

Ralph Lauren iPad app
The app allows users to interact with world-class athletes on screen by tilting, rotating, flipping and tapping the iPad to manipulate different movements, environments and colours. It showcases the different items from the new RLX line and seems appropriate as the collection was created to answer the demand for high-performance outfitting.
Speed date with SLK
Mercedes US have launched an interactive campaign utilising social media, you choose your own adventure type of interactive movie, where you are treated to a test drive by a fictitious Californian called Ksenia Lauren. Throughout the test drive, the story unfolds differently depending on the choices you make after being prompted at various points. You are also offered a chance to become her Facebook friend, you will then be updated as the campaign unfolds.
Fallen angels from Axe
I saw the iPhone app for the Axe angel campaign but didn’t think it was very engaging. However, follow the link below to see what they did at Victoria station which is much better.
iPhone app if you haven’t seen it –

Nissan iAd

Love this iAd for the Nissan Juke! It’s a great demo as well, which is fun to watch even on its own. The iAd is informative but interactive as you choose your own adventure style experience while entering the “Mission: Donuts” challenge to win a Nissan Juke.

Augmented reality Ford installations in shopping malls
Interactive but also educational
Amazon launches a new campaign against the iPad
This is quite an American ad but it’s interesting to see the aggressive new campaign from Kindle. They are directly targeting iPad saying that you can’t read them in direct sunlight.

VW virtual test drive

VW have introduced a new iPhone app that aims to demonstrate to prospective customers some of the company’s newer technologies. To use the app, you hold the iPhone above a VW ad in a magazine or newspaper with a road printed on it. Following the curve of the road with the phone shows how some of the car’s safety features respond to real-world driving conditions. The app allows users to switch between modes. For example, in the Adaptive Lights mode, the headlights on your virtual VW will follow the curve of the road. In Lane Assist mode, the phone vibrates when your car gets too close to the edge of the virtual road. There’s also an Adaptive Cruise Control mode, which puts a second virtual car in front of your VW and keeps them an equal distance apart as you move across the page.

Happy ‘Red Nose Day’.


15 October 2010

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Hi All


This is part of the catch up emails

Just a few fun things before the weekend,


Land speed record car

800 mile per hour car for sale



Fun banners online


The Playbook launch

(economist article)


iPods social media apps

That aggregate content from your contacts

And concept films:


Nokia Touchscreen at the bus stop


Intercontinental Autonomous challenge

Unmanned and running on electric power, goods packed in Italy will be brought to Shanghai on an intercontinental route with no human intervention and without using traditional fuel for the first time in history.


Honda Hybrid at the Paris Motorshow


Light reflective tires–reflective-bike-tires


Fun site

Don’t press anything, just leave it to play