1 July – QR Codes

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week we are going to look at the original and exciting uses of QR codes as a means of engaging and enticing consumers.

There has been much interest lately in the use of QR codes in marketing and advertising campaigns. QR codes are a two-dimensional image encoded with information that is ‘decoded’ using a mobile phone application. The reader application reacts accordingly based on the patterns within the image, upon which a variety of functions can be performed, such as the display of an image, hyperlinking to specific URLs, linking to video content or simply just providing further contact information.

Diesel lets you ‘like’ products

First up is a lovely use of QR codes by Diesel. They discovered that lots of people partake in ‘liking’ products on Facebook in order to show to their friends what they are interested in; therefore they attempted to bring this online experience into their stores, with a little help from their friend the QR code.  When consumers would scan the QR code it would automatically “like” the product on their Facebook and post it to their wall, which would enable the shopper to get a discount on the product (which seems like a fair exchange for essentially advertising the product to your entire Facebook)

Tesco’s shopping experience

Similarly Tesco in South Korea has recently integrated QR codes into the shopping experience to engage with consumers. By scanning the QR code at the virtual Tesco stores in subways, the selected food items were automatically placed into the shopper’s online shopping cart, ready to be delivered to them at home. Through this campaign Tesco not only strengthens their mobile marketing arm but further promotes their tagline ‘every little helps’, making life simpler for the shopper. Genius! Take a look at the power of the QR code:

Petition for signatures

Another clever use of a QR code was used in France’s National Library as part of the’ take a stand again the death penalty’ campaign. The QR code was cleverly used to drive petition signatures instantly:

AXA  creates an attractice code

Here is an example of one the biggest and most beautiful QR codes created, for AXA which cleverly began a conversation with customers by driving users to their mobile site. Check out the cool multi-coloured code here:

As you can see QR codes can pretty much be used to display any kind of content so the possibilities for its use as a marketing tool are endless. However one major barrier for the use of QR codes in commonplace advertising is that mobile phones do not come with a QR code reader built in and therefore users need to download a reader in the first place- which although is free and fairly simple, may still serve as an issue that advertisers face.

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