17 June – YouTube Takeovers

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Advertising, Technology

This week we’ll be looking at how brands try to use a simple tool such as YouTube to surprise and delight its viewers.

YouTube takeovers are a simple concept which enable brands to take control of the dynamics of an entire web page, providing them with an effective way to make a bold statement. At first glance, the YouTube page looks nothing out of the ordinary but as the video unfolds the viewing experience takes on a completely different perspective.

Tippex: Hunter ….. a Bear

This first example is probably the most well-known and most amusing YouTube takeover. The ad for Tippex allows users to decide the fate between an anxious hunter and a big brown bear. This directly involves the user within the takeover, allowing them to dictate how the video unravels.


Google Chrome: Fastball – A Race Across the Internet

This Flash-based game was created to celebrate the latest version of Google Chrome with Adobe Flash Player preinstalled, and to emphasise the speed at which users can access different areas of the internet. The video shows a ball working its way along a DIY-esk obstacle course which is intermittently interrupted as it asks users to participate in various challenges. At the end, users can compare scores and share their videos with others.


Schick Hydro razor

To communicate the hydration benefits of using a Schick Hydro razor, JWT Sydney created a YouTube takeover featuring several men being hit across the face causing a spray of water to burst out of the screen. This spray of water displaces copy and content screens causing them to float up with the rising water level.


From here on in the theme is car related…

VW Black Beetle

Volkswagen ventured into the realm of YouTube takeovers by revamping its Black Beetle advert. The video follows a fairly standard format with various elements exploding out of the screen, disrupting the channel’s layout. At the end users are invited to replay the video, sign up for information on the New Century Beetle and other Volkswagen models, or spread the word via Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. Take a look here:


Suzuki Swift: More Fun. More Swift.

Suzuki has also dabbled in the world of YouTube takeovers with this fun race between a free-runner and a girl driving the Suzuki Swift. The use of multiple screens, along with the usual page disruption makes for a fun and engaging piece of content.


Audi: Q3

Although not explicitly a YouTube takeover this example by Audi shows how you can effectively use a YouTube channel to guide customers through more specific elements of your brand in a visually appealing way.


Although these are all engaging pieces of advertising it will be interesting to see how the standard destructive YouTube takeover evolves to become even more interactive and engaging for consumers in the future – we’ll keep you posted!

Happy Friday!


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