3 June 2011 – Online car ads

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi Everyone

Today we are looking at car ads as it has been a while and we like to know what clever things are out there.


This is an interactive banner on the mtv page, where you are invited to drive the Citroen Aircross across the page. It is appropriate because the main product point seems to be the new navigation system. Try it out here.

VW Eos Homepage takeover

Here is an online ad for the VW Eos, it is a homepage takeover which plays on the top up/top down product feature by making the sun shine and the roof come down when you roll over the leaderboard. Once you click on it, the car drives off around the page, revealing different information boxes as it goes, have a try here.

VW truck race

Race other trucks with this game from VW. I’m not in the market for trucks, but did still give it a little try.

GT5 Steetview example

You may have already seen this, but I had to include it as an example of using streetview to give you a more realistic driving experience online.


 Here is the worlds longest banner ad, I can’t bring myself to read the whole thing but it does grab your attention.


Staying true to their image, here is an ad by Subaru bringing across the ‘speed’ messsage very clearly.

Fugitive Chronicles

I love this and even though this homepage takeover isn’t really a car ad, I thought it had to be included as it is masquerading as one.


Happy Friday



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