20 May 2011 – Social Media

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Advertising, Catch up emails, Digital, Luxury

Hi Everyone,

We all know how fast the world of social media is expanding with the likes of Facebook and twitter ever-growing.

One little fact for you: Can you believe that 1/13 people on the earth use Facebook, that’s over 500 million users! So this week I though I would share with you some ways in which Social Media is being utilized:

Death of the Brand website

Apologies if you’ve seen this before but I stumbled across this article again and thought it was fitting to start this blog of. The article by Stuart Derrick discusses how today’s consumers are most likely to interact with brands via social networks rather than brand websites so what does this mean for the brand? In tackling this is highlights how important the idea of communications and a brand community are to today’s consumer.

Mini – It’s personal

A recent experiential promotion for MINI’s ‘It’s Personal’ campaign in Berlin invites everyone into the MINI Photo Box. Visitors are asked to wear a pair of brightly colored headphones and customize their favorite MINI model. The resulting photos of fans alongside their custom-colored MINI model are then sent to a large video screen at the busiest intersection of the German capital. This video images are also streamed live online, along with snapshots – available for everyone to pursue and share on Facebook. MINI fans not based or traveling in Berlin are invited to experience the Photo Box on Facebook, replacing actual headphones with virtual headphones. Ultimately,a participant will be selected to win a MINI model with customized, colored side mirrors.

Facebook as healthcare

Facebook recently launched an update called 0.facebook (Facebook Zero), a new mobile version of the site that enables free access to Facebook, even in countries where access would require data charges. 0.facebook.com is an image-less version of the site. One of the top features is that it can connect people with health care providers. It could also allow people to know about relevant health and immunization campaigns and health-related events happening in the community. Pretty clever way to utilise and help people in those ‘harder-to-reach-places’.

Red Cross Miles

This is another lovely idea which uses the idea to promote air mile donations to the American Red Cross. By adding a ‘Donate Your Miles’ button to flight booking websites, people can access the Red Cross microsite where they can choose a flight to support. If they also log in using a Facebook or Twitter account, they can add their picture and name to their donation and share it to their page to encourage others to donate too.

Diesel brings Facebook ‘Likes’ to Real – World products

Diesel clothing stores in Madrid have launched a pilot program which turns Facebook ‘likes’ to  real – world products. At clothing displays, mobile tags will be available for customers to scan and see similar items in the collections, as well as a Facebook like button that lets the shopped share there item on their wall.

Gagaville: Lady Gaga’s Farmville campaign

Lady Gaga is promoting her forthcoming album ‘Born this way’ on FarmVille, which will allow players hear her songs ahead of the release date.

She’s know in the industry as as having one of the savviest social media strategies of any musical artist. Looking at news ways and all the developing technologies in which she can engage with her fans. Making a brand of her self. Pretty impressive….

Lady Gaga Scavenger hunt

Not only is Lady Gaga being savvy and using FarmVille to promote her new album.  She  also teamed up with Starbuck’s and on ‘Scavenger Hunt’

Customers are asked to scan QR coses on in store banners where they’ll see the first of 7 clues in the seven round coffee hunt. They’ll then be directed to blogs or Starbucks digital property. Along the way they will be rewarded with Starbucks and Lady Gaga related prizes. The final round coincides with te alunch of her album, Born this way’. On this day Lady Gaga will talk over Starbucks – playing in store, featured on line, sold in stores. (The album not her!)

Happy Monday!


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