8 April – Touch Screens

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Technology, Uncategorized

I’ve chosen touch screen digital displays as the topic of reference for today as it allows consumers to be a part of the experience rather than just an onlooker.

The first example of touch screen technology being implemented in everyday life is a very simple concept that allows consumers to scroll through advertisements as they are transported in a taxi in Shanghai:








A slightly more functional implementation of touch screen technology has been used in ‘El Bait Shop’, a beer shop in Des Moines, Iowa, that helps consumers choose the beer that is most suited to their tastes:












The following touch screen guide at DFW airport is helpful but could be even more so if it included reviews of restaurants, check-ins and comments, enhancing the customer experience:










However, with the technology behind touch screens constantly improving, and with the invention of numerous ‘smart’ devices, touch screens are beginning to influence the way we live our lives:







Or maybe technology’s set to get even more bizarre and life as well as advertising will become even more intriguing…










Happy Friday!!



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