1 April – Mobile Phones

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Advertising, Luxury, Social Media, Technology, Uncategorized


For this Friday email, I am looking at some interesting things around mobile phones.

Mobile phone useage
This is a site showing over 43 different countries at different times of day. TNS have done a great job making this fun to use and really interesting, particularly if you want to compare useage across two different countries. You can see how culture/lifestyle affects what we use phones for and when we do it.

3D modelling on your phone
With just a few snaps of your phone camera, you can create a 3D model using this app developed my microsoft.


Unbottle yourself with Carlsberg
Carlsberg attempts to unbottle an entire ration – only problem is – it’s Sweden. They are asking people to compete with each other using their app to become Sweden’s most ‘unbottled’ by performing challenges, filming them and uploading onto the site below. Have a look at the link  to see some of the missions people have already done. http://www.unbottleyourself.com/home.html?preroll=true


Location based social networking photo app
The app creates social photo albums based around locations, from you, your friends and every other stranger within 150 feet, allowing you to experience a location or say, an event, from other perspectives in real time. It also allows you to comment and interact with the other people taking photos

Mobile tagging and how it can be useful                                                                                                                   Mobile tagging is not new, we’ve seen a lot of advertising/content uses for it, but here are some ways to really make constructive use of the tool. How about tagging a product with instructions on how to assemple it if it’s an IKEA pack. Or, if it’s food, include a recipe and a video on how to make something.                                                 http://www.psfk.com/2011/01/future-of-mobile-tagging-mobile-how-to.html

Aston Martin’s Glass Phone
I think this is beautiful, a lovely extension of their brand and they manage to relate it back to the car by using it to unlock the door or measure your movement during an accident to improve safety measures.
Happy Friday

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