26 March 2011 – light and screens

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Advertising, Apple, Cars, Technology, Uncategorized

Hi Everyone

The theme for this week is playing with ‘light and screens’.

Lexus projection mapping

I have been inspired by a lot of projection mapping this week and this is a car example that was money well spent



Adidas projection mapping
This is an amazing example by Adidas, they have really brought the brand into the show as opposed to just showing off ‘cool’ techniques.
Hot wheels 3D in Sydney
Another digital mapping example. Australia is apparently the lead when it comes to this and you can see why here…
3D iAd
Making your iPhone 3D, this is such a simple device, think it’s really clever!
TV ad targeting

Click below to read the article on Media Week.


Facial recognition for the iPad

Here is a ‘Magic Mirror’ augmented reality app. A fun idea but it could also be harnessed by brands for targeting female/male audiences, remembering users and delivering personalised content etc.


Tweet mirror in a clothes store

This is really useful, sent photos of yourself in different outfits to your friends to help you decide which clothes to buy

Happy Friday



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