11 March 2011 – DM, thinking out the box

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Advertising, Cars, DM, Social Media

Hi All

With the recent DMA awards, I  have decided to look at DM this week, but have thrown in some crazy/impossible ideas in there for fun!

Flipbook parkour

Taking something cool and making it even cooler!



Remember the unboxing trend, where people were posting videos of unboxing their new purchases online. Well here is as ad which someone did playing on the trend.


DMA Award

Here is the DMA Grand Prix winner. It was a DM pack with 3D glasses which were then to be used to watch the English rugby team playing in Twickenham, live in various cinemas as part of a campaign for O2.



Here are some other interesting examples

Below is for a credit card councelling society.

The coffee calendar below was a mailing with a white box and a seemingly blank calendar. The content becomes visible only after coffee powder is spread over the pages and sticks to the glue-print. Visuals and copy appear – coffee secrets: strange facts, usages and effects.

Here is a DM pack sent out as part of a BMW M3 campaign entitled ‘What metal dreams of becoming’. It contained test tubes with lead filings, shake the filings over the silver square in the centre of the box and they will be pulled into a ‘M3’ by the hidden magnet.

Two Annesty International direct mail examples to raise money.

This cardtalk actually works, it plays a speaking voice but no music. Could be a fun idea for something.

This is ancient but I still like it! Haagen-Dazs created flavoured stamps which allow you to taste their new flavours.


Have a lovely weekend,



P.S. Following up on my last post about foursquare

Starbucks give away 500 $40 gift cards, at random, to customers who checked-in on Foursquare yesterday for their 40th anniversary.


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