4 March 2011 – using social media

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Advertising, Social Media, Technology
Hi All
This Friday there is a bit of a blend of social media ideas used by companies and some ways of making them relevant to a campaign or your brand rather than just using them to say that you do.
VW and using social media with googlemaps

Volkswagen Brazil recently sponsored the biggest music festival in Sao Paulo, the Planeta Terra Festival, where they decided to promote their coolest young car, the Fox, through a seriously good mashup of Twitter, Google maps and real world prize locations. Follow the link to find out more.


How to thank your facebook fans for reaching the 1 million mark, and make a few more in the process


They placed everyone’s name on a car and popped it in a museum.

It will be interesting to see how other brands follow suite as the bar has now been set!
4 ways to engage your facebook fans:
1. Ask their opinion
2. Test their knowledge
3. Pair promotions with content
4. Thank your fans

Or you can pay someone to talk about your brand
The IWearYourShirt initiative is a fantastic idea started by Jason Sadler. Basically, you pay for any day of the calendar year, send Sadler your details, and the entrepreneur and his team will wear your shirt and chat up your brand via various social distribution channels like Twitter, Ustream, and YouTube. Apparently the days sold out fast! Pair it with a promotion or a link it to facebook and twitter to get people talking.

So, I have just joined Fourquare, I may be a little behind the times with doing this but I lay the blame on my fear of trying myself into any sort of cell phone contract! Here is an article about how Gap have incorporated Foursquare into their advertising. The ads can directly drive foot traffic with a discount and because it is geo-aware, it will remind you when you are near a Gap store so that you can use it!

Happy Friday

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