4 February 2011 – VW ads

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
Hi All
Today’s Friday email has ended up being rather VW focussed, with some interesting ads popping up for the Super Bowl which I just had to share.
BMW Website with the first of 4 movies on the future of mobility
Interesting films which will generate conversations and don’t feel too ‘Marketing’. These films are viewable on youtube etc but when viewed on the website you are able to explore content around the primary narrative in real time inside the video player and then jump back into the primary narrative. The films are designed to precipitate discussion from different points of view, so, by logging in with Facebook, you can comment on specific moments, creating conversations around them

VW Polo TV ad from the end of 2010
Managing to be tough but beautiful and introduce a car that appeals to men and women.
Teaser for the Beetle TV ad
The ads for the Super Bowl seem to get almost as much hype online as the actual event itself.
The full Beetle TV ad – pure entertainment!
The VW Passat TV ad with a pint-sized Darth Vader
I has to watch this again, it is lovely for pure entertainment value!
Best wishes

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