28 January 2010 – selling an experience

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Advertising
Hi All
This week I would like to look at the idea of selling an experience not a product.
This series of Salomon trail shoe ads, perfectly sell the experience that the brand offers rather than harping on the product. You’re not buying a shoe – you’re investing in your freedom.

Here is a great illustration of the concept which I found on StoreycentralDIGITAL

In the last episode of Mad Men (series 1) Donald Draper had his ‘eureka’ moment when he thought he had to reinvent the wheel.  Kodak had told him it was a ‘wheel’, when in fact it was the circular cartridge to hold a series of slides for a projector.  Don wasn’t happy with trying to reinvent the wheel – it wasn’t a sexy concept – so he took the cartridge home and used it, finally deciding it was more a carousel than a wheel.  Of course, being Don Draper, he wowed the client, sealed the deal and sold consumers the promise of the ‘experience’ of the carousel.  It was a ride, a journey!  You got on and enjoyed the ride, the memories, “travelling around and around and then back home again”.  Draper sold his ad campaign by tapping into consumers personal experiences and nostalgia rather than boring their asses off by trying to invent the wheel.


A businessweek article

This article explains the benefits of selling an experience from a brand builder/founder point of view eg. Virgin selling ‘Fun’ rather than ‘Music’.


And because I thought it was topical with the eminent launch of Civic a golf 5 ad selling the ‘love of the drive’ in an emotive way. It’s not the advanced technology or the spacious interior, it’s the feeling.
Have a lovely weekend

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