19 November 2010

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Luxury
Hi Everyone
Here is the Friday email. Today’s theme is luxury.
Hermes goes street
A little viral video, goes on a bit long but pretty cool
Chanel perfume launch
For the launch of the new Chanel perfume ‘Eau première,’ the premium brand decided to stage an event at a private Parisian apartment. Creating an experiential event for guests, with scentvertising employed, the evening ended with the unveiling of photos of Chanel’s iconic ‘faces’ of the past.

A beautiful website for a very cool restaurant/art gallery

Differentiating luxury brands from the premium
Advertising of luxury brands is about art, the emotional and the sensual. There is nothing rational about it at all!


Premium brands According to microsoft advertising, these customers economise in areas that are less important in order to pay 20% to 50% more than mid-market prices for their favourite premium brands and products, and they do so on the basis of the improved performance that they expect premium purchases to deliver. This balance of rational and emotional drivers is a key behavioural characteristic of the premium market, distinguishing it from luxury consumers, who respond to brands’ emotional appeal, and mid-market consumers driven by price. http://advertising.microsoft.com/uk/premium-market-report



Economist readers Constitute one of the worlds most attractive audiences of luxury consumers. The link below will take you through to an interesting propensity to spend. If you read the The Economist, it will be interesting to see if it looks familiar. http://ads.economist.com/the-economist/our-audience/advertising-categories/luxury-goods/


Have a lovely weekend,



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