18 February 2011 – pop culture

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Advertising, Trends
Hi All
For this Friday email we are looking at a few pop culture things which caught me eye.
Graffiti around the world
Red Bull street view art, this is linked directly into Google Maps

Graffiti for a cause
Staying with the Graffiti theme, here is a video from a pop culture magazine which has it’s own TV channel online. This clip shows an artist, Faith 47 painting wine tanks in South Africa in order to promote fair trade.
Nike’s latest videos

A sports brand that crosses into pop culture really well, here is Nike’s latest ad. There are a few in the series, focusing on different target markets e.g. Woman. The videos Nike make you want to go out and conquer the world.

Riot police trend alert

Does anyone else notice that riots and riot police have been a hot theme for the music industry for some time now. So what’s the big attraction to revolution? Stylists just looking for a hook or is there another agenda that’s being pushed here? Was this theme a prelude to the student demonstrations in the UK last year and the uprisings in the Middle East this year – or in some way a catalyst for the intensification of revolutionary activity. The conspiracy theorists have their views, which you can choose to subscribe to or not, but why all the military gear? Is anarchy cool again? Is punk set to be making a comeback? Bring back the Sex Pistols? Is it art imitating reality – or dictating a response to your supposed reality. Sex and guns?! Here is the Take that video from the Brit Awards –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXuOUKpCtU

Lady Gaga

I can’t get away without a reference to Lady Gaga – this 8 minute video she released on youtube was one of the most viewed ever and she is now the most talked about entertainer in the work according to CNN. http://www.youtube.com/ladygagaofficial#p/f/1/niqrrmev4mA (ignore the ad at the start of the video) NB: I have linked this to her official youtube channel so you can see how many other uploads there are in the road to building her image, starting from 2 years ago.

Here is the interview with CNN where she talks about being a master of the Art of Fame and the discusses sociology of fame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBk22UhcJIo


What it is worth to fit in with the fashion trend of big headphones?

My headphones broke this week so I am now considering whether to go white and clearly apple to go with my iPod (do I want people to know it’s an iPod?), or inner ear buds cause they are convenient and don’t fall out while still showing you like good sound. Or do I go the whole hog and have headphones so that I look like a muso? Clever marketing ploy? Want to look like you instantly look like you know about music.

TED talk on Pop culture in the Arab world

I thought this might be interesting with the spotlight thrown by Egypt onto the Arab world.

Iconic brands

What makes a brand iconic? Tapping into a culture, being anti-establishment, being instantly recognizable? Just a few thoughts on what it takes.
Have a great weekend

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