17 December 2010 – technology and ideas

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Cars, Social Media, Technology

Hi All

Here is the Friday email, this week’s one is looking at technology and ideas.

Freaky dancing robots from Japan
Visualising facebook friendships
Rendering the friendships on facebook, shows up a pretty clear map of the world, the blue lines below represent friendships  – it’s also interesting as you can see what are probably immigration/schooling trends. 

Google demo slam: A google voicesearch demo using Maria Sharopova
Search for answers online in seconds using voice search


Google demo slam: A google docs demonstration
A presentation tool with creative capacity

Barack Obama on Linkedin
Read his CV and see his achievements here
Seeing into the future
An article from the economist about advances in technology in different fields
Toyota’s glass of water app aims to help drivers reduce emmisions
Based on the idea that if everyone drove with a glass of water on their dashboard — and aimed not to spill it — driving would be both gentler and more economical

Volvo fights for clean air campaign
Drawing attention to the number of premature UK deaths due to poor air quality linked with fossil fuel combustion (approximately 50,000, according to the campaign)
Have a lovely weekend,


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