5 November 2010

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Advertising, Cars
Today I have pulled together some examples of guerilla ads and ambient campaigns. Anything which looked interesting that was NOTusing traditional media.
Carlton arcade game
Carlton draught set up the world’s biggest arcade-style skills tester game with a Toyotal Hilux and a giant magnet. 100,000 people attended the final and 3.4m people saw this on TV.
Flashmob with cars
A fun way to bring across the flexibility of the Peugeot rental service with a flashmob in Paris.

St John Ambulance
This is a slightly disturbing, but effective guerrilla campaign for the St John Ambulance. They show an ad with a family eating popcorn when the girl gets some caught in her throat, choking desperately (with the mother and family starting to go a little crazy) the mother subtly asks the audience for help. Then an actor in the audience stands up, runs into the screen and saves the girl just in time, before coming back out from behind the screen to the applause of the moviegoers!
Solicitor advertising with a cute factor
Whiskers advertising in the park
The straw – microphone
Advertising a broadcasting school but creating straws that look like microphones and planting them cafes and restaurants frequented by young people.
Raising awareness of the coral reefs being killed off
Rimmel Quickdry
Novelty way to demonstrate Rimmel’s quickdry properties, I’d talk about this when I got to the office

A great way to advertise a vegetarian restaurant
Fun, appropriate and literally ‘fresh’.

How do you make people slow down?
Relate their speed to severity of injury! I’d want to keep driving past just to see the different speeds.
Have a lovely weekend

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