11 February 2011 – travel

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Advertising, Cars

Hi All

The theme for this week is travel, I rebelled against the the more obvious theme of red and pink hearts!
Happy Christmas
Here is a lovely heartwarming guerilla campaign for customers who flew on Christmas eve
Chrysler ad – from Detroit
Following on from the Superbowl ads from last week, this is a Chrysler ad which focuses on where it’s from to tell you what the car is. The car is built in Detroit and it uses this message in an emotional way to sell the car.  They also use anti-auto art in the ad,featured and explained in the article here.
Chapter 2 of the BMW movies talking about ‘The future of travel’ is here
Another BMW innovation – paying with your key
Buy train and plane tickets in the car and check in with your key.
Nike Plus Tusaki race
Join runners accross the world, race across the world. A global campaign born from the ancient Japanese sport of Ekiden, a popular winter relay whereby teams run over long distances and hand over leadership with the exchange of a sash or ‘tasuki‘.
If you have dealt with bad customer service lately, this is immensely satisfying
This may be a slightly tenuous link to the theme, but technically the container box has traveled and more importantly I think this is a customer service prank for anyone who has ever had bad customer service.
Have a lovely weekend

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