10 December 2010 – interesting stuff

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Technology

Hi All

Here is the Friday email for today, with topical, interesting reading!


Contagious Magazine’s roundup of the best ideas in communications, design and technology this year.

Website for the new set-top box coming from a consortium of BBC and commercial broadcasters. With this, and a likely rival offer from Sky – what is the future for time-bound TV? Some of the guys from the office went to the launch at the BT Tower this week. This is going to be big.

Interesting in the light of the ‘challenge’ brand platform that we’ve been working on with Starcom. Google are offering $20m via the X-Prize foundation for any team that can put a robot on the moon, drive 500m and send pictures and data back to the Earth. The X-Prize Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that works to solve the big problems of humanity by offering prizes for technical developments – including the SpaceshipOne; the first private re-usable spacecraft, and a currently existing one to find a way of mapping a whole human genome for less than $10,000.

Another great music video that you can personalise with your Facebook, Twitter and webcam. This stuff is so hot right now. Try it!

Google Zeitgeist 2010 – every year Google does a round up of global (non-rude) search patterns. This year, would you believe it the fastest rising search term was ‘chatroulette’, and the fastest falling was ‘swine flu’.
Have a lovely weekend,

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